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TopSanitize – Disinfectant Spray Booth

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TOPSANITIZE is a one-of-a-kind walk-through disinfectant spray booth designed specifically for ALL human traffic establishments to ensure all those entering are sanitised head to toe.

As you walk through, the atomised liquid spray saturates the booth using an integrated hydraulic spray system capable of spraying any type of disinfectant or sanitisers.

In this way it is possible to sanitise all surfaces including those not directly exposed to the nozzles.


  • Robust structure and design
  • DAB centrifugal pump
  • Spray nozzles create an effective disinfectant mist
  • Motion sensors for automatic operation
  • Available in various colours (upon request)

  • No waiting in line
  • Automatic operation through motion detection
  • Cost effective
  • Efficiently uses disinfectant /sanitising liquid
  • Operating cost is only disinfectant/sanitising liquid
  • Fitted with a filter to ensure the disinfectant/sanitising liquid to prevents clogging of the system

TOPSANITIZE can be installed in all crowded places to ensure passing people are sanitised.

  • Hospitals
  • Markets
  • Malls
  • Special Forces
  • Offices
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Religious Establishments

Spray Booth fitted with motion sensors; spray nozzles; a 100litre reservoir TOPTANK fitted with a liquid level controller; metallic stand; DAB motor pump with a capacity of 10-36L/min; drainage outlet; and TOP-PIPE pipes & fittings.

  1. Place the spray booth on a clean, flat surface and near a power source
  2. Place TOPTANK on metallic stand
  3. Connect TOPTANK and DAB pump by linking the connections to the piping
  4. Connect the DAB pump to the spray booth using the pipe connections already in place
  5. Connect power to the spray booth and DAB pump (advisable to consult an electrician)
  6. Check for leakages at connection points before turning the power on

TOPSANITIZE uses infrared technology to detect motion, so that any person approaching the entrance of the booth will trigger a fine spray of the disinfectant liquid for about 5 seconds to 7 minutes.

The sensitivity and spray duration can be adjusted to suit your preference.

The liquid level controller will automatically turn off the system if the disinfectant liquid levels run low.


* Please note that the disinfectant/sanitising liquid does not come with the booth. We suggest using products such as those recommended by medical institutions and the governernment.


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