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Are You Looking For A Water Tank?

You’ve come to the right place. We have a large range of tanks to suit your needs. Plus, you can even buy them online!

UV Protection

TopTank products last longer due to the UV resistance of the polyethylene used.

Free Delivery

TopTank offers free delivery in and around most major towns in Kenya


TopTank is made using food-grade polyethylene and the latest technologies


TopTank is designed for extreme durability

Made in Kenya

We’re proud to say that TopTank products are 100% Kenyan.

Why choose TopTank?

  • Hygiene

    Toptank is manufactured from food grade polyethylene. The tanks are non-toxic, non-absorbent and avert water borne algae growth in the tanks which make them hygienic for storage. They are rust and corrosion-free too.
  • Long Lifespan

    Toptank is made from 2.5% carbon black incorporated into the polyethylene through a rotational moulding process, providing a lifespan of over 25 years.
  • Durable & Stress Resistant

    Due to its unique design, Toptank is stronger than its contemporaries. It is UV-stabilised, hence is highly resistant and can withstand extreme conditions.
  • Cost Effective

    Toptank is cost effective, hence suitable for every budget.
  • Latest Technology

    Toptank uses rotational moulding technology which is a highly versatile manufacturing option that allows for unlimited design possibilities.
  • Installation

    The tanks can be installed on any flat and firm surface level due to the light weight, they can be easily rolled into place or relocated. The base tower, where the tank is to be placed has to be strong enough to support the tank when it is filled with water.
  • Best for Domestic & Commercial Use

    Toptank offers a wide range of products for various domestic and commercial applications. Our variety of products include, cylindrical tanks, short-height cylindrical tanks, horizontal septic tanks, underground spherical tanks, rectangular loft tanks and nestable tanks. In addition new products such as garbage bins and flower buckets have also been introduced.

Buy Online

Now you can shop online with TopTank from the comfort of your home or office. We’ve partnered with Pesapal to provide you a simple, safe and secure way to purchase your tanks online via your computer or mobile phone.

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