About Us

TopTank was established in 2007 under the Tile & Carpet Centre group. Toptank is manufactured in Kenya using the rotational moulding process and produced from food grade polyethylene. It has been approved by Kenya Bureau of Standards and has also been awarded the Diamond mark, reflecting the quality of its products and excellent performance.

TopTank provides water storage solutions for all needs. Africa’s first antimicrobial tanks are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from 100 to 24,000 liters.

TopTank manufactures other products such as flower buckets but the common factors for all products are that they are unmatched in design, quality and suitable for all budgets.


Toptank is manufactured from food grade polyethylene. The tanks are non-toxic, non-absorbent and avert water borne algae growth in the tanks which make them hygienic for storage. They are rust and corrosion-free too.

Long Life Span

Toptank is made from 2.5% carbon black incorporated into the polyethylene through a rotational moulding process, providing a lifespan of over 25 years.

Durable & Stress Resistant

Due to its unique design, Toptank is stronger than its contemporaries. It is UV-stabilised, hence is highly resistant and can withstand extreme conditions.

Cost Effective

Toptank is cost effective, hence suitable for every budget.

Latest Technology

Toptank uses rotational moulding and blow moulding technology which are highly versatile manufacturing option that allows for unlimited design possibilities.


The tanks can be installed on any flat and firm surface level due to the light weight, they can be easily rolled into place or relocated. The base tower, where the tank is to be placed has to be strong enough to support the tank when it is filled with water.

Best for Domestic & Commercial Use

Toptank offers a wide range of products for various domestic and commercial applications. Our variety of products include, cylindrical tanks, short-height cylindrical tanks, horizontal septic tanks, underground spherical tanks, rectangular loft tanks and nestable tanks. In addition new products such as garbage bins and flower buckets have also been introduced.